Does your MI System

support or strangle your business?

Your Management Information System is a critical business tool.  It determines the operating cost for your business (because it defines what your Administrators, Assessors, Quality Team and your finance officers must do each day) and it controls your income (because it makes your ESFA Claim via the ILR XML file).

With the introduction of the new Apprenticeship funding model, it’s more important than ever to look carefully at how your current system supports or stifles your business.

Do you suffer from complex and messy screens; poor data quality; error strewn funding claims; slow response times; poor system support?​

Upgrade to Tracker

  • Your MI System should be easy to use and blisteringly fast.

  • Your ILR export should always be error free.

  • Your MI System supplier should be available when you need them and be a pleasure to deal with.

  • Your MI System should make it easy to get the data right.

  • Your administrators should NOT need SQL training just to extract a spreadsheet of your data.

  • You should not have to install special software anywhere on your network.

The Tracker MI System is a feature rich online tool used by Colleges, Learning Providers and Levy Paying Employers to manage all types of ESFA delivery including the new Apprenticeships funding model.

The "Paper-Free Apprenticeship"

NEW for 2018, we have teamed up with iPEGS to integrate their superb mobile app directly into your Tracker system.  

This means that with Tracker and iPEGS you will soon be able to:

  • Engage the Employer

  • Sign up the Learner(s) and the Parent or Guardian

  • Deliver the Apprenticeship

  • Claim the funding


All the above without a single piece of paper.  Full use of electronic signatures and no need to retype any information.

The Tracker system has all the features you would expect it to have, and many that you won’t even have started to dream about.  It’s popular with administrators, assessors and finance officers too.

The Tracker MI System can help and support your business by:

  • reducing the overall cost of ESFA contract delivery

  • reducing the administrative burden

  • speeding up claim processing

  • increasing on-time completions

  • increasing claim accuracy

  • improving the quality audit trail