Digital Enrolment

The Digital Enrolment System (known as DES) has become the most critical feature within the Tracker MIS. Customers using DES say it’s a game changer – completely revolutionising and improving the whole process of enrolment and compliance.

Digital Enrolment


The DES manages with the whole process from initial enquiry (from a learner or an employer) through to capturing learner progression and destinations at the end of an Apprenticeship or any course. For Apprenticeships, the DES includes the Commitment Statement (signed by Employer; Provider and Learner) and the Apprenticeship Agreement (just signed by the Employer and Learner). Other funding streams do not have those forms, but all funding streams include a comprehensive Enrolment form, set to gether all the mandatory information required to complete a full ILR claim.

You can try out our example Apprenticeship Enquiry Form by clicking the button below:

  • Digital Enrolment for Adult Education Budget (AEB)
  • Digital Enrolment for Advanced Learning Loans
  • Digital Enrolment for Apprenticeships
  • Digital Enrolment for Special Projects

The Digital Enrolment Process

Compliance The DES has been designed to satisfy the regulatory requirements for each funding stream as the ESFA funding rules, Ofsted requirements and operational needs are very different for each scenario. Flexibility A key feature of the whole system is that we have built some features with flexibility to suit customer requirements (for example the whole enquiry form can be customised to an individual customer’s exact specification).  We will always advise customers where specific aspects of the enrolment process are required to maintain compliance with the funding rules. The start of the DES process Every DES starts with an Enquiry which captures the initial leaner contact details. The data is automatically saved as an enquiry record in Tracker and from that moment on is tracked via the dashboard. After the initial enquiry, the enrolment team would most likely have a conversation with the potential learner to establish further details and ascertain which course or Apprenticeship would be appropriate for the learner. At this stage Tracker automation can be used to confirm the Unique Learner Number (ULN) and it’s a single button click to get the Personal Learning Record (PLR) from the Learning Records Service (LRS). Once the PLR has been retrieved it remains displayed in the PLR tab on Tracker.