With so many advanced features Tracker is the most efficient system available.  No task takes more than a moment or two.  Interfaces with other systems such as Companies House, the Employer Data Service, Postcode Anywhere, ePortfolio systems, and the Learning Records Service (to get ULNs) mean that users can focus on input accuracy and data quality rather than on boring and repetitive tasks.


Tracker is incredibly robust too - with no downtime lasting more than a few minutes over the past 10  years.



We have TWO data centres, both ISO27001 Accredited, and both have the capacity to run Tracker at full speed and maximum security.

Our primary live data centre in Hampshire near the south coast is a very secure purpose built room to host Tracker in our own building. This data centre and our main office building is fully ISO27001 externally audited and certified.

Our backup data centre, which also acts as offsite store for Tracker v10 customers, is in Manchester.

To maximise information availability resilliance we also utilise a third-party offsite backup solution provided by Redstor with several UK data centres. 


In 2017 we have introduced the option to host Tracker in a data centre which holds ISO27001 external accreditation, adding some additional weight to a system which has proven to be robust and secure.

Two Factor Authentication protects all user accounts...

Tracker has a wide range of security features but one of the most important is two factor authentication. Every user account has a username and a password. Two factor authentication works by giving each user a unique one-time code which must be used, in addition to the username and password, to log in to Tracker. The code is different for each person, and the code changes every minute. It's surprisingly simple to use but the user must have a mobile smartphone availble and must have access to the Google Play Store or the apple App Store. This takes just a few momnents to set up and it provides an excellent level of protection for every Tracker user account.

IP Address recognition...

Although using two factor authentication is a truely great way of protecting Tracker user accounts we also provide an additional level of protection for some user account types. Especially those accounts who have access to download large quantities of learner data, we can restrict users ability to do this from locations that are not authorised. So, for example, the main office where a user works might be OK for downloading a big spreadsheet with learner names and addresses but it may not be OK for that user to do this from their home or while on a mobile connection. This additional smart restriction takes only a few seconds to set up, and for those organisations who want to ensure that data is not extrated from Tracker without good reason, this feature provides a very good additional level of data security.

HTTPS and SSL - secure encrypted web pages...

Web browsers are much more secure than was the case just a few years ago and it's now OK to type in your bank card details or store private and personal information via a web browser as long as you can be CERTAIN that you are connecting to the correct website. The SSL certificate gives the user assurance that they are where they think they are. More coming here about SSL and HTTPS encryption.



Since 2016 we have delivered substantial advances in the technology that underpins Tracker, which is now the most feature-rich MI system available for managing funded learning programmes. 

General Tracker Features

Tracker is web-based and works with Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Safari and other internet browsers...

You just need a reasonably up-to-date computer and an internet connection to use Tracker. There is no software to install and Tracker works really well from a mobile data connection.

Tracker is incredibly quick and easy to use...

Tracker is VERY quick and efficient when compared with other systems; our Customer Reviews frequently identify this as a highlight of the Tracker experience. There are two stand out features that make Tracker quick and easy:

  • We hide all the fields that you don't need to worry about. So the screens are cleaan and clear and it's easy to focus on what you need to see.
  • Tracker has data entry templates, which are usually created by senior administrators, for each learning programme. These templates contain all the funding model information, and everything that can be set in advance. This allows less experienced administrators to do the bulk of the data entry using the templates, and yet still with perfect accuracy.

Tracker has many features specifically designed to make data more accurate...

Using TEMPLATES, it takes about 100 seconds for an experienced administrator to add a new Apprenticeship record in Tracker. The main features that assist speedy and accurate admin are:

  • Duplicate prevention system ensures that leach learner is entered only once
  • Address lookup from postcode
  • Fields set by template reduce the number of fields that must be entered for each learner
  • Unique Learner Number is completed automatically
  • Employer Data Service number retrieved automatically
  • All aims and funding fields set by the template
  • ESFA contract default values and contract specific validation assist throughout the data entry process
  • Every field has two types validation to ensure accuracy:
  • ESFA standard validation to ensure the data complies with the ILR specification.
  • Contract specific validation to ensure the data complies with your contract, such as age range or LEP postcode areas.

Tracker is actually TWO systems - LIVE and TRAINING...

Your Tracker system is really two systems:- The LIVE system is, well, live - used only for real data about real learners that you want to submit to the ESFA. The TRAINING system is always a copy of the live system from the previous night. This can be used for training, testing, practice and scenario planning.

Tracker is available 24 hours per day and 365 days each year...

Our servers are often re-started between 6am and 7am on Monday mornings, and very occasionally on other days, but apart from this essential housekeeping, Tracker is always available.

Various user roles ensure that learner data is protected...

Tracker users are given a ROLE which is approriate to their job specification. Senior claims administrators can view, add, edit, ILR data relating to specified ESFA contracts. For assessors, a more limited user account is allocated, giving the assessor the ability to view (but not edit) the learner ILR details, and add or edit reviews and progress information such as unit, element or criteria target, progress and completion information. Senior managers are given access to all management report and finance information (but calims admins usually make sure these accounts are "read only"!). All roles can be allowed or denied access to financial reports and other sensitive data.

Learner paperwork - manage all the documents using Tracker...

The Tracker document store is where every document can be stored for audit and evidence purposes, from the initial sign up paperwork and initial assessment results; prior attanment evidence; learner reviews and progress reports all the way through to completion interviews and of course the scanned certificates of acheivement. Each document can be audited and accepted or rejected by the quality assuance team. If rejected, the original document is retained in the hisotry, but a new document can be uploaded once errors or omissions have been corrected.

Task list and performance summary...

The Tracker performance summary is making learner administration so much easier and improviong the quality of how ESFA contracts are tracked. As standard the Tracker performance summary gives quick links to lists of learner records that the user needs to know about. For claims admin teams the performance summary shows:

  • a list of learners where the signup paperwork is not yet completed.
  • a list of learners where the exemption paperwork has not yet been accepted.
  • a list of learners who are due to complete in the next 10, 30, 60 days.
  • a list of learners who have completed all the units for all aims, but the programme has not yet been set to "completed and acheived".
  • a list of learners where the Employer Health and Safety review is due.
For the quality team, the performance summary will show:
  • a list of learners who have just been signed up with paperwork awaiting approval.
  • a list of learners where the exemption paperwork has not yet been accepted.
  • a list of learners where
Assessors using Tracker will only see info relevant to that Assessor:
  • a list of learners who are overdue for a review
  • a list of learners due a review in the next 10 days.
  • a list of learners who are due to complete in the next 10, 30, 60 days.
  • a list of learners who are overdue for completion
  • a list of learners who are due to complete in the next 10, 30, 60 days
The performance summary shows a count of how many learners within the specified criteria. When the user clicks the row, the full list of learner names is shown on the left hand side of the Tracker menu, allowing the user to click directly into each learner record. The above are just very small examples and there is no limit to the performance summary listings.

Recognition of IP Address for every user...

Although using two factor authentication is a truely great way of protecting Tracker user accounts we also provide an additional level of protection for some user account types. Especially those accounts who have access to download large quantities of learner data, we can restrict users ability to do this from locations trhat are not authorised such as the main office. This takes only a few seconds to set up, and for those organisations who want to ensure that data is not extrated from Tracker without good reason, this feature provides a very good additional level of data security.


Learner Progress Tracking...

This optional fea ture allows Assessors to record the progress of every learner at Qualification, Unit, Element and Criteria level. Each aspect of the qualification is weighted and progress can then be reported at individual qualification and overall programme level. This is not a full ePortfolio system and the learner has no access to this data except by extracted reports, but for those organisations who choose to use this way of recording learner progress, it's very effective. Managers are able to see which learners are most at risk of falling behind, and it's easy for managers to assist assessors in working on the right priorites.

Integration with commercial ePortfolio systems...

Tracker has the capability to integrate with any ePortfolio system including

  1. Smart Assessor
  2. One File
  3. Learning Assistant
...although any ePortfolio system potentially can be integrated with Tracker. The basic principal for the integration with any ePortfolio system is the same but each system has slightly different features. Usually learner data is entered onto Tracker first and then sent to the ePortfolio system so that Assessors and Learners can interect and gather evidence towards acheivement. Once complete, some system have the ability to send that information back to Tracker. Any potential customer wishing to set up integration should talk to our sales team to ascertain the exact features available for each integration.

SMS text delivery to Learners, Assessors, Employers...

Tracker has the capability to send scheduled SMS texts to any mobile number. This can primarily be used to remind learners of a forthcoming review or assessment visit by their assessor, but it can also be used to remind the learner's manager, who is often the cause of a learner not being available. The exact content of the text is set up in advance and then the message can be sent a set number of hours or days before the planned visit. Messages can also be sent to remind learners/assessors/managers of specific events. For example, "don't forget to bring a copy of your Passport to your meeting with your NVQ Assessor tomorrow". The cost of the SMS text is very small compared to the payback of making sure thie right things happen on time. SMS text credits must be purchased in advance in minimum quantities of £100 + vat.

Data import from any existing Employee HR management system...

As we work with a wide range of Employer / Providers we have the ability to integrate with various HR and payrol systems although each integration has different features depending on the capability of the specific system. If this feature is of interest we suggest that it's worth talking to our sales team at an early stage in order that we can investigate what featuires we could provide to integrate with your HR or payrol system.

Sub-contractor/prime-contractor management...

Tracker has a very advanced modules for sub-contractor/prime contractor management, capable of managing payments to sub-contractors, and also payments FROM prime contractors. Payments can be calculated based on a percentage, or a fixed fee, with rates based on start/end dates. Any custom payment calcualtion can also be added. Sub-contractor bank details can be added and payment runs can be done from Tracker to feed your finance system. Contracts can be added so that the maximum contract value is not exceeded in any given period. Payments reports can be run for any period against profile values so that a contract can be managed according to the agreed profile.

New for 2018 - The Paper-Free Apprenticeship is now live on a Tracker system near you.  The efficiency savings when going paper free are staggering.

How does the Paper Free system work with Tracker?

All the paperwork required for an Apprenticeship under the new funding model 36 can be completed electronically, including the employer engagement process, the learner sign up process, learner progress tracking and completions. Tracker users such as employer engagement teams and assessors are able to use the dedicated Android / Apple app or if using a laptop the the web based online forms) to complete all the paperwork, and once connected to the internet the signed forms and the data can be sent DIRECT into the Tracker database.

Online or Offline - it's your choice...

During the sign up process all the forms can be filled and signed by the key people involved. ONLINE:- If the person responsible for getting the forms filled in and signed has access to a laptop and a good internet connection then it's fastest to complete the forms online. These forms can then be digitally signed using the laptop, OR the form can be transferred to an Apple iPad or an Android Tablet for signature and photo evidence. OFFLINE:- in the absense of a good internet connection, the whole process can be done on the Tablet without an internet connection. Once the forms are completed and a digital signature is captured, photo ID (IE a photograph of the learner and the employer's representative) can also captured using the front facing camera on the tablet. The data is stored securly on the tablet until a Wi-Fi or mobile connection is enabled and the data is then uploaded directly into Tracker.

Pre-filled forms speed up data entry when on-site with the learner...

Filling in a long form on a tablet is not really that efficient, so forms can be pre-filled with much of the information by downloading details from Tracker in advance. For example, the employer's name and address details can be added to the form, along with key details about the learner if known. Then, when the form is opened on the tablet all the prefilled details details just need to be checked and any remaining required fields can be entered prior to the form beign digitally signed.

Form design and branding can be updated easily...

Each form is customised to suit your exact requirements. Further changes to the layout including additional questions and data capture requirements can be added at very low cost. Company branding including logos and headers/footers is centrally controlled.

Capture any type of data...

Capture text, multiple choice answers, yes/no or pick-list answers, photographs of people or documents or evidence of any kind, geo-location evidence, and most importantly get the employer or learner to digitally sign the completed form.


For organisations who are serious about using a more efficient, easy to use MI System to manage their ESFA funded contract, we can make a system available within a week.


Contact us here to discuss the possibilities.

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