Tracker Features

Tracker Features

Tracker is Feature-Rich, Robust & Reliable

The Tracker MI System enables ESFA Contract holders to manage ILR data and fund claims.

With a vast array of well thought out features to help you manage your ESFA funded learning programmes, MI Managers, Tutors, Quality Teams, Directors, and shareholders of any business that invests in a Tracker system can be certain that our software will not let you down.

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Tracker KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

For your senior managers there are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) shown as graphs and numbers on the dashboard. The layout and display is customizable to suit each user, giving a quick insight to what you think is important about the current situation and the trends. There are also easy-to-use contract management reports, which really can be run at the touch of one button. For users of the Tracker interface (the business development team, MI team, operations, quality and compliance, tutors, assessors and the Finance team) there are role-based features specifically for them, and they will find Tracker easy and quick to use. The MIS team will find the Tracker user interface is slick, clean, and very fast. Screens and navigation are optimised with wizards for the more complex tasks and direct navigation from quick search screens – it is very quick to find the data you want with Tracker. The Quality and Compliance teams will be happy to see the ESFA compliant digital enrolment forms (which can be used remotely to deal with a full suite of documentation for employers, learners and assessors) and they will also love the detailed audit trails giving a clear log of who signed what form and when they signed it.

KPI Screenshot

Integration with Other Systems

Tracker has dynamic integration links to many other systems

  • Learner Registration Service
  • gets unique learner number and inserts it into the ILR data
  • gets personal leaning record for each learner and displays the PLR on a TAB next to the ILR
  • Companies House
  • retrieves limited company data including current address and trading status
  • Royal Mail
  • address lookup from postcode
  • national postcode data – wide variety of data
  • OneFile ePortfolio
  • sends learner data and retrieves progress status
  • Smart Apprentice ePortfolio
  • sends learner data
  • GoCardless
  • for collecting Employer Contributions via the Direct Debit scheme
  • Trust Payments
  • for collecting Employer Contributions via credit or debit card payments online

All the key features that your team needs

With the relentless pressures on all ESFA contract holders, it has never been more important to provide staff with high quality, efficient systems. Tracker steps up to the task. Whilst it is true that there are always improvements to be made, the core Tracker v10 system has all the key features that your team needs.

Tracker v10 has purpose designed screens for each funding model, which ensures admin teams see just the relevant information, keeping the layout clean and easy to understand. We get plenty of feedback about how important this point is – users tell us that Tracker v10 is the easiest system to use.

Administration accuracy for ESFA contracts is critical – you cannot afford to let mistakes creep into your ILR data. Unless you follow the funding rules, your business and it’s income is at risk. With Tracker v10 the validation of data at the point of entry and continuing throughout the learner journey ensures that you comply with relative ease.

For example, with Tracker v10 you cannot allow an Apprenticeship Agreement to be signed before all parties have signed the Commitment Statement – a simple example of how Tracker helps prevent finance clawbacks.

There are over 400 validation rules running on Tracker – the validation keeps your ILR data compliant with the ILR specification and the funding rules. Just a small selection of the validation at work is shown below:

Tracker is Easy to Use

Enrolment Form

Enrolment form shows minimum age for Apprenticeship

Tracker is Easy to Use

Apprenticeship Agreement

Apprenticeship Agreement not available until the Commitment Statement has been signed

Tracker is Easy to Use

National Insurance Number

National Insurance Number format of letters and numbers must be valid

99%+ Accuracy Rate

We would love to claim that it’s impossible to create an invalid learner record with Tracker v10, but that would be a false claim – if you try really hard you will be able to create an invalid record – but it really is quite difficult and hundreds of thousands of records are created each year with zero errors. We monitor the actual error rate on Tracker v10 and less than 1% of records contain an ESFA validation rule when they are first created on Tracker.

With Tracker v10 the ESFA Validation rules are fully built in and Tracker reports Errors and Warnings in exactly the same way as the ESFA’s Submit Learner Data portal and the Funding Information System. However, with Tracker v10 the validation messages are built in so MI Admins are able to take immediate corrective action if a rule violation should occur.